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Kenzie Corrow, Fitness Instructor

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Kenzie Corrow

I joined FXB Mankato in June 2019 and started my 10 week challenge in July 2019. I had recently left a job that had me very stressed, eating out a lot, and not taking care of myself very well. I knew that I needed to step-up my fitness game. I had recently signed up for a 10k and so I started the Couch to 5k app, but knew that I needed a community to help push me. I had joined a kickboxing gym with a friend when I lived in the cities and absolutely loved it. I heard that a lot of the instructors at my old gym had switched over to Farrell’s so I was so glad to find that FXB had a location in Mankato. I tried my first class at FXB Mankato and the rest was history! I only missed one class during my 10-week challenge and I actually love the feeling of looking forward to going to the gym for once. Since joining FXB Mankato, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight (35 pounds!), but it’s the non-scale victories that have me going every day. I find that not only have I become better at kickboxing, but also other activities that I love to do like biking, running, and hiking as well. As an instructor, I love seeing everyone’s transformations and helping each member achieve their goals. Each member and instructor is an inspiration for me to keep pushing myself harder and harder both on the bag and in strength training classes. I can’t thank FXB enough for making such a positive change in my life!

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