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Laura Dickie, Fitness Instructor

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Laura Dickie

I joined Farrell's in October 2021 with my sister to lose some weight for her upcoming wedding the next June. We had met one of the owners (Jeremy) at the Mankato Bridal Show and had known a friend from high school who had gone there for a few years, eventually becoming an instructor herself. Her results were pretty amazing to see. We tried two different classes, a strength day and a kickboxing day. We were a bit hesitant at first, but having each other to depend on and keep each other accountable during that 10 Week Challenge really was what drove me to continually do better. By the end of my 10 Week Challenge did I see this huge dramatic change? No, but I felt better physically and mentally. I had definitely lost weight and gained muscle. To me physically and mentally feeling healthier were more important than a dramatic weight loss.


I started training to become an instructor in April 2022. I was definitely nervous about, even though I am an elementary teacher. There is something different about getting up in front of adults to teach than children. I currently instruct the Strength Days, but will be starting with instructing Kickboxing days coming up in 2023.

Why do I continue to choose FXB? For me the answer is simple. The community! I have made some amazing friends on the mat that I consider some of my closest friends now. They hold me accountable for being on the mat on the days when I might not be feeling like I want to step on the mat at all. Those are the days that are usually the most impactful for me and are my best workouts. I have seen myself improve so much from when I first started, whether that is from the muscle definition I see in my arms or being able to do multiple kicks at a time or even banding up for a set. Finding those that can continually encourage you on the mat is essential, as well as being able to encourage those around you. Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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