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Mandy Weister, Fitness Instructor

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Mandy Weister

Hey there! I’m Mandy; a full-time career educator, wife, and mom to two humans ages 5 & 1 (and one doggo age 5).  In my free time, I enjoy….…WAIT, what free time!?  The truth is I work hard to MAKE TIME for FXB because it is important to me and good for the mind, body, and soul.  It’s the thing I do for ME, but ultimately makes me a better person for my friends and family too.  When I started my 10 weeks with FXB in summer of 2018, I knew I found something pretty great. I signed on to continue as a Fit Student and started instructing in Fall of 2018.  A lot of life has happened between then and now, but FXB and the fine folks who walk through those doors remain a proven partner in my quest for wellness.  This program is unlike any other.  I’m grateful to have found a community of fun, driven, and health-minded individuals who uplift, inspire and appropriately challenge me. Wherever you dream of going, whatever your goals are, come join us and let’s go together!   

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